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Organizing a closet can be a really confusing task if you already do not have in mind what it is that you need to organize and how. But with Zellis, you needn’t worry about the closet organization designs at all. Here are a few tips to design that perfect closet organization:

  1. The first task that you have to accomplish is to clean your closet. Throw away the items that you haven’t used in years because there’s a good chance that you will not need them ever. Donate the clothes that you do not fit in anymore.
  2. The second task is to categorize the items according to the class that they belong to. Separate your clothes, shoes, jewellery and makeup accessories etc into different piles and arrange them neatly. It is a good idea to organize your clothes in a season-wise manner, so you know what to wear and look for according to the season.
  3. The third task is to have a clear view of how many shelves you need, what do you intend to store in those and what are the size of the shelves. This helps you determine the size of the shelves in particular. For example, a typical man’s suit coat closet has to be about 1-1.4 inches wide and 38 inches long, a woman’s jacket closet has to be about 36 inches long and a woman’s dress closet has to be about 68 inches long.
  4. When it comes to decorating your closet, a good idea it would be to opt for wire shelves. You can include sliding rods in these so these can be easier to handle. These are in your budget and fit in all types of closet systems.
  5. Before you go about designing your closet, always have a sketch ready of your closet. You can take accurate measurements of your closet and plan out each section in detail and have a graphics layout sketched out before you go about designing your new closet organization.

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